Air Cool Jenny

Folk duo Air Cool Jenny joins us to chat about their debut EP First Flight, the serendipitous formation of their musical partnership, and the amazing musical endeavors they’ve got in store.

Air Cool Jenny is comprised of:

Helen Rose- Vocals, Tenor Sax

Kramer Sanguinetti- Vocals, Guitar, Electric Guitar, Pedal Steel, Piano  

Listen to the full interview below!

Photo Courtesy of KG Music Press

I hope that they get inspired to check in with themselves and things in their life…

Air Cool Jenny

Check out Air Cool Jenny on their Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Spotify!

Special shout outs to The Old Miner’s Cafe in Calico, CA and TK Coffee Co. in Pacoima, CA for providing us with caffeinated goodness!  

Check out more about TK Coffee Co. on their Website, Facebook, and Instagram.

Thank you for all your love and support! Stay caffeinated everyone!


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