The Dead Deads

Rockin’ bassist Daisy from equally killer rock trio The Dead Deads joins us to chat about their upcoming album Tell Your Girls It’s Alright, striving for individuality in your craft, and the urge for more female airplay on the radio.

The Dead Deads is comprised of:

Meta – lead vocal, guitar

Daisy – bass

McQueen – drums

Listen to the full interview below!

Photo Courtesy of Distorted Sound Magazine

I hope it sparks their imagination. I hope it inspires them in whatever way to be creative and to express themselves

Daisy – The Dead Deads

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Special shout outs to Huckleberry’s in Anaheim, CA, Bongo Java in Nashville, TN and Guerilla Bizkits in Nashville, TN for providing us with caffeinated goodness!  

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Thank you for all your love and support! Stay caffeinated everyone!


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